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Back office software for forex brokers should have simple reporting tools so that you can access data about the actions of clients, partners, and other administrators. The software should let you generate reports around trading activity, earnings and losses, deposit amounts, and CDF dividends. Those reports can help you determine how to best market to and re-engage existing clients. The software should also record all the activities of partners and other administrative users so that you can track their work. Back office forex software must include the ability to manage which actions different users can perform. Although you should have the ability to transfer funds for a client, not all administrators and partners need that ability for every client.

  • Sophisticated UpTrader Forex CRM for brokers includes back office, trader’s room, and copy trading software for MT4, MT5 and cTrader brokers.
  • Front office is the part that directly interacts with users, and back office is the technical part of the platform with which users do not interact.
  • It should also let you transfer funds between multi-currency accounts for clients, add credits and rebates to clients’ accounts, and issue refunds to clients.
  • This section is a combination of various flexible settings for connecting third-party services and applications.
  • Usually, Syntellicore covers 100% of what a Broker might need plus it offers a number of additional rich features and GUI parameterization capabilities.

Back office forex software needs to make it easier for you to run your brokerage. That means it should increase productivity and streamline complex processes.Forex software providers will all tell you that they have everything you need. Before you sign-up for their forex back office software services, you need to make sure they’re really offering comprehensive back-office functionality. As an integral part of any business related to making money in the markets, whether Forex or crypto, PSPs also use the FX back office system to serve their clients.

B2Core: Manage your Business and Promote your Solutions Under One Roof

It is ideal to go for the back-office software that provides you complete access to trading details such as consolidated customer balances, customer transactions, open trade, running trade, closed trade, etc. The integration of MT4/5 will ensure the smooth and efficient running of your brokerage. Enhance or build your brokerage business from scratch with our advanced and flexible trading platform, CRM, and a wide range of custom solutions.

Customised IB dashboard with access to introduced clients, commissions, and marketing materials. FX Back Office harmonizes advanced technology and industry expertise to offer an innovative, all in one solution for Forex Brokers. The company’s suite of intelligent applications (Forex CRM, Client Cabinet and Partners Area) is scalable and specially designed to grow alongside any business. A core part of every CRM is to make it easy to create and manage leads for sales representatives and IBs. Our CRM will assist you with all the data needed for sales enforcement to improve the quality of lead generation. This will enable you to save some money by not paying for features you don’t use.

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They’re also more likely to fully understand the specific pain points you face in your business. This means they’ll develop features to help you remain compliant and grow your business more quickly than a provider who doesn’t understand OTC forex trading. If you’re looking for reliable and powerful FX broker software, B2Core is the perfect solution. Offering a variety of languages and accessible to firms of all sizes, it’s been used by over 150 businesses with great success.

Easily control deposits and withdrawals, KYC procedures, and launch your marketing activities. Trader’s Room is a unifying power that provides you clear monitoring of money flows —
every financial service and every payment system connected in a single Forex platform back office interface. Once connected, you get a fully controlled system that allows you to securely receive
end-user funds, as well as provide you detailed reports and analytics, and much more. The software architecture of the product enables creating a comfortable client
ecosystem for both local and international brokers or exchanges. Motivate clients to deposit more, to trade on live accounts, to make trading volumes using the status system and its benefits.

Manage general settings

For example, Broker 1 can administer account A and simultaneously have limited access to view info on a group of customers B. However, both brokers do not have the ability to manage such parameters in a group like liquidity and other specific functions. If your company provides or plans to provide financial market trading services to individual clients and you are interested in ensuring high quality of your product, you will need liquidity. UpTrader works with trusted liquidity providers that can ensure best prices and perfect executions. There are two kinds of forex software providers, ones that simply make software for brokerages and ones that are brokerages that also sell their software to other firms.

forex back-office software

As a result our forex back office software enables you to stay in contact with your clients that too very easily. This module allows you to create a system of referral connections or an affiliate network. Each trader can become a partner and connect other partners to the network to trade and receive commissions from the spread difference. The first and main component of Forex back office software is the user interface, which is the repository of many functions available within the Forex CRM platform.

Investment service for MT4, MT5

To minimize the risk of accidental activity and to protect your clients’ data, managing user permissions is essential. Before purchasing any back-office tool, ask about permissions and settings around user roles. In a market where trading platforms, instruments, and trade assets are almost identical, delivering a superior offering may allow a broker to make a considerable stride forward over his competitors.

forex back-office software

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